You can attach a bike rack bag to carry foodstuff. Loosely tighten the bolts with an Allen key … Use them every time we going touring to strap our tent to our racks. During our world cycle tour, we used bungee cords. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Some of the ways to use the rear bike rack are listed below. Strongly recommended. Step 2: Mount the Bike You generally don't need any special straps or tie-down methods to secure your bike on a bike rack. Installing a rear bike carrier on your bicycle is convenient. Loosely tighten the bolt into the dropout with your Allen key and make sure your rack can still be positioned loosely. Most bikes do not come with the rear bike rack, and you will need to attach them manually. Bike racks generally fall into three distinct categories: Strap-on trunk racks, hitch-mount racks, and roof racks. Make sure your bike is leveled and bend the struts so that they line up with the hole on the top of the frame. … One side sticks to the other so they’re infinitely adjustable and quite secure. Open your trunk and hook each strap to the corresponding side by folding the lip over the edge where your trunk stops. Our sleeping mats and tent will never fit in our panniers with all the other things we’re carrying. You can put your puppy there and travel around! Preassemble your rack and make sure the struts that attach the rack to the top part of your bike are already in place. Fla. scientist vows to speak COVID-19 'truth to power' We had to replace clasps on our Ortlieb bags after about 35,000km. The multiple hooks on cargo nets means they stay secured better than simple bungee cords and the net is better than compression straps for some types of luggage. Pull the strap firmly downward across the top bar of the bike to the small knob on the front of the bike cradle. The attached straps get tightened down to secure the rack into place. For example, a net is better if you’re carrying something that can’t be crushed, like a loaf of bread or bananas, or something oddly shaped, like a watermelon or whole bags of groceries. It’s similar to this: Personalize Your Bike and Make It Visible. Copyright © 2017-2020 Gear For Venture | All Rights Reserved. Sometimes we narrowly missed getting whipped in the face by bungee cords. Attach the clip hooks into the spaces on the top, bottom, and sides of the trunk. I checked the site and asked if they have any distributors in the L.A. area! Once again, this will depend on the model of the bike. Strap, strip, belt, for Bike Cycle Carrier Rack, material-strong + rubber / 50cm £2.99 Bike Strap, Replacement Straps, Very easy to use 1,7cm wide, length 27,5cm 99 Finally, a compression strap pulled tight around your front wheel and frame, can add stability by keeping your front wheel from swinging wildly to one side when you want to park it somewhere. Thread it through the boot, leaving 1 to 2 inches of space between the toggle and the top of the boot. A cargo net is like several bungee cords woven together. Most trunk-mounted racks have straps on the sides, top, or bottom. Stack items evenly across the roof and in the center of the doors. Here is a video on how to install a cargo rack on your mountain bike (credits to velotique): Bike racks serve a useful function whenever you have to go on a long mountain biking trip. yeah I’m sure that weather with get to them over time as they are plastic, like anything else. Always replace worn or damaged parts before using the rack. Choose a hole in the strap that will result in the bike being held securely in place. Download this free 86-page eBook, fully updated in 2015. Always be mindful of your surroundings. Kayakers and other outdoor sports people – including most of our fellow bike tourists here in Holland – use them all the time. First, loop the strap under the roof rack's crossbar and drape the loose ends over your oblong load (i.e. Please read our privacy policy. Take Photos of Your Bike and Keep All the Relevant Information About Them. surfboard, ladder, etc.). For longer trips, you can use a bike rack to carry heavy items while riding. We found that the cords would wear-out really quickly (within 3-4 weeks) and we used the same old tire tube for 8 months before it needed replacing – and old tire tubes are free and can be found almost anywhere in the world! Narrow escape here too, wife's bike started trying to climb off our strap-on rack when we were about a mile onto the M25 – with one wheel flapping back in the wind. It saves you time trying to ride with a heavy backpack or having a loaded bag swinging off the side of your handlebar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We try to pack lightly, but nearly every bike tour involves attaching something to the back of our bikes. See how to attach the rubber straps to the bike blocks on a Softride bicycle rack arm, prior to loading bikes on the rack. Just getting started with bicycle touring? Wondering what bike and gear to buy? The hooks fit into the gap between your car and its trunk. Some we love more than others. Here is some day to day tips on how to protect your vehicle when using a bike rack. They are, however, available everywhere in the world and relatively cheaply too, so don’t rule them out if you don’t have another option. Repeat this on the other side - making sure the straps are between the boot hinges. These containers should come with slots for inserting straps. We try to pack lightly, but nearly every bike tour involves attaching something to the back of our bikes. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. A platform hitch rack checks all three of these boxes. Step 2: Toss the packet on a bed of coals. You can buy folding metal baskets that attach to it and that you can put your purse, tote, backpack, or grocery bags in. Carriers for your bike rack come in different sizes and materials. Simply lift the bike onto the rack, secure it according to the manufacturer's instructions (this will differ depending on which type of bike rack you have), and you're good to go. One last thing to do is shake the bike. A bike rack can be in front or at the rear of your bike. Most bikers set their bike rack at the rear, traveling, running, and carrying other accessories, For longer trips, you can use a bike rack to carry heavy items while riding, How to Create a Resistance Band Workout for Cyclists [Guest Post], 8 Tips for Riding a Bike at Night [Guest Post], Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover Review [Guest Post]. Bike Cargo Racks. Been reading your posts for a month or so now. This means you do not have to worry about getting a backache while riding. Leave us your email and receive occasional updates when we release a new book or have big news to share. You can install a baby seat over the rear bike rack to carry your baby. Watch how to put one end of strap over… A backpack is an easy way to carry light stuff that you do not want to leave on the bike. Learning to properly secure your bike on a bike rack will give you peace of mind while traveling. Its all good reading thank you. We used old tire tubes rather than bungee cords. When we do our laundry, we like to strap it to the outside of our bike to dry. You should note that no product is completely theft-proof, and you will ideally want to use more than one locking/security mechanism. At a minimum, if leaving the bike on the rack, I would remove the front tire and put it in the car as well as using this strap. It only depends on the strength of your car and it's tow bar. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Avoid Posting Where You Are on Social Media. Riding a bike with backpacks can be quite tricky because you can easily lose balance, and it can also cause harm to your spinal cord. The hooks on either end that hold the cords tight also had a habit of coming loose and flying off the racks at the most unfortunate moments. The great thing about hitch racks is the cost starts very low. Politician who stalked Magic Johnson charged. It’s best to go riding with your partner or a companion, so that he/ she can keep a lookout for your baby. Racks are fixed onto the frame over the wheels, allowing you to attach crates, boxes, or panniers, or to strap items down to the rack itself. So, you can learn how to use a bike rack in no time at all. They range in price from $20 USD to around $100 USD, and are available at most bike shops. You can strap down things directly to it with tow Straps or you can attach a crate, box or basket to it. It is ideal if you are only doing a short mountain biking trip, and perhaps staying overnight in a populated town. These are our top choice of the moment and we’re not the only ones who think compression straps are great. A bike rack is a unique feature of a bike that you can attach in order to carry loads. TravellingTwo: Bicycle Touring Around The World,, Ideas for a Short Dutch Bike Tour With Kids, Inspiration Aplenty in the Big WOW Book of Solo Female Cyclists. A faulty rack can also contribute to damaged bikes or vehicles. If it makes a rattling noise, it isn’t completely attached to the rack, and you need to check if you might have left a strap untightened. We’ve had our straps for about 3 months now and we have the impression that they’re much less likely than bungee cords to stretch and wear thin over time. Trunk racks for bikes. COVID-affected tenants face eviction despite CDC ban. Rokstraps: after losing a bag bungeed to my back rack, I went looking for a better strap system. If your vehicle doesn’t have a rack then you’ll probably have to run the straps in through one open door and out the other, literally tying your gear to the roof. The straps go behind the panniers and interlace with the racks. My only concern would be that the plastic clasps can get damaged from cold and sun and eventually break. Old inner tubes – 1001 emergency uses including attaching stuff to your bike. Be Observant of People. You may not reproduce text or photos without prior permission. The main benefit of using a bike rack instead of a strapped backpack is that it is far more comfortable, it has a larger capacity, easy to waterproof, and you do not have to worry about sweaty backs. There’s also extra water and food that we pick up for long, desolate stretches of road. The strap you would want is the Curt Bike Rack Strap, part # 18050. Trunk bicycle racks, also known as strap racks, mount to the back of a car, by way of fabric straps and rubber hooks. Loosely tighten the bolt into the dropout with your Allen key and make sure your rack can still be positioned loosely. Most bikers set their bike rack at the rear, and it is essential for traveling, running, and carrying other accessories. Designed by There are three things that make a bike rack e-bike compatible, and that’s: 1) the ability to carry the weight of the bike; 2) the ability to transport an array of e-bike frame geometries; and 3) the ability to be loaded lower to the ground. This can be avoided by proper use and regular maintenance to the rack. Carrying from 1 up to 5 bikes is easy with a MAXXRAXX cycle carrier. Simply loosen the integrated strap on each bar, slide your SUP onto the rack, feed the straps over the board and back through the integrated buckles, and tighten. If you’re using a rack on the back of your car, start by opening the rack so it looks like an arc. Interesting. Thanks & thanks Traveling Two for hooking me up with a response so fast! YANSHON 10Pcs Fastening Straps with Buckle, 65 x 2.5cm Heavy Duty Tie Down Straps Tension Straps Nylon Webbing Lashing Straps for Bike, Motorcycle, Car, Auto 4.5 out of 5 stars 131 £12.99 £ 12 . Good, strong secure retention system without hooks. Exactly what I was looking for. If you use the stabilizer strap you would have no problem carrying two bikes on a hitch mounted bike … The best part is that they can easy carry me at 100kg. Other times, the cord wrapped itself around our rear cogs, making a fine mess to untangle. You can strap things directly to it. I also have a bike rack specific bungee on top of the rear rack for holding down various items. You can use your rear bike rack to carry bags, and you can use a belt to attach it safely to the rack. Once you’ve unboxed your new high mount cycle carrier, you’ll need to fit the security straps. Carrier straps, as well as mounting parts, carrier strap parts and tensioning straps for larger loads can also be found in our range. Register. You can also use compression straps to hold your panniers firmly to your racks – a great solution if you’re planning to ride over some bumpy roads and not a bad extra anti-theft device as well (see lower right photo). Straps, Nets and Cords: Attaching Stuff To Your Bike. That way they can't just cut the strap and ride away with the bike. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. SUMMARY It wasn’t a well researched choice. Although this is relatively safe, you still need to be very careful when riding on the road. The plan is to add two straps to stabilize the rack laterally to prevent my bikes from shaking side to side while at speed (it's scary at times). Prevent theft of bikes on racks - Lock Your Bike Rack to Your Car. Step 3: Open the can of beans and place it on the coals; allow around 20 or 30 minutes (check beans and stir occasionally… times may vary). I found Rokstraps ( and after using them to secure a drybag to my rear rack on my last ride (Chiang Mai to Mae Hon Song) I can confirm they are the business. Our sleeping mats and tent will never fit in our panniers with all the other things we’re carrying. Which Bike for Which Age? They go in bags instead and get carried over the top of the back panniers. Before loading the bike, be sure to check the rack closely for signs of wear to the straps, hooks, and other features. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Just secure the cords well and be careful when you’re unhooking them from your bike. You can install a rear bike rack basket over the rear wheel. On Top of The Car. The straps are solidly woven and the buckle that secures the straps doesn’t come loose during a day of cycling in the same way that bungee cords tend to slide around. If you leave the bike inside a hot car there is a big chance that the tires can pop. Please ask first! Lucky for you, bicycle racks for cars have come a long way when it comes to ease of use. If you are going on a long trip, this will come in handy. All information on TravellingTwo is © copyright 2015. I have never heard of them before! Secure the bike by pushing the strap over the knob. Can I Ride My Bicycle After Cataract Surgery? Cover the entire load with a tarp or netting to prevent things from falling out. One of the most convenient and easiest ways to secure your bags on a rear bike rack is by using the tie-down straps. Adjust the location of your rack by sliding it across your trunk so … Using a bike rack gives bikes additional uses. Make sure your bike is leveled and bend the struts so that they line up with the hole on the top of the frame. The reason you want to use a stabilizer strap is that you might twist your the hitch up or damage the frame of your 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. The final step you need to do is tighten the strap to the frame of the bike or push down a clamp and then lock. It’s kind of hard to see from the pictures on the website but they look to be similar to the straps on Ortlieb bags? In good weather, you can strap items directly to your rack without using a cover. Here are the options. So, what methods work well for securing luggage to the back of your bike? Repeat the process for the cradle and strap on the other load arm. Lunatec Aquabot: A High-Pressured Sprayer & Water Bottle In One, Our First Bike Tour With A Baby & Toddler. Bike Touring With Kids. But during bad weather or whenever you want to carry loose items, it may be a better idea to attach rack trunk bags or panniers to your rear rack. Those straps look awesome! Compression straps have a metal clasp that would be much harder to break. If you want to carry stuff on your bike, the first thing you’re going to need is a rack. And in Asia, where bananas were cheap, we often picked up a whole hand of bananas at a time and attached them to the outside of our panniers, for easy access and so they wouldn’t get squashed. Once everything is positioned correctly, tighten down all the bolts. If you have a roof rack, the straps/ropes can be looped around the side and cross rails. Finally, if you have multiple bikes to transport you can forget about using this method. Spend on a Quality Bike Lock. If you have pets (especially dogs), you can tour around with your dog on the bike rack. If you have bolts on the top of your frame, remove them with Allen key before you install the rack, Install the rack on the rear dropout of your bike. But how long that takes I do not know, as I have only been using them for a year and a bit. I find velcro straps like these to be very useful: Get a GPS Tracking Device. Step 1: Cut up the peppers and add the packet ingredients to a tinfoil pouch; seal it by rolling the sides 3 or 4 times. Tighten these straps to keep the rack firmly in place. Lighter goes lower—place heavier items on top of lighter items. Instead, I found a bike rack for $5! I already have a bike rack (and get quite a bit of use out of it). Remember to mount your bike rack onto a clean surface, inspect your bike rack before you go from one place to another, and always remind yourself where your bicycles are located. Improper tie-down practices are all too common and many accidents and injuries happen because someone didn’t take their time loading cargo on the roof of the car. They go in bags instead and get carried over the top of the back panniers. I have used them for anything that needs to be strapped to anything, even hanging my bicycles on the wall. They stretched over time, making it increasingly difficult to tie things down tightly. Take the boot mount top strap and fit it inside the vehicle. A lot of racks are barely designed to hold the weight of a couple of bicycles, so try to keep that in mind as you pack. Instead of carrying your heavy backpack on the shoulders, you could strap your bag to the bike rack.